Dianna Pratt of the Singapore American School and Scot Hoffman of Bombay American School joined David and Jeff for tonight’s podcast.

Essential Question

Which comes first, shifted practices or 1:1 laptop program?

Blog Posts of the Week

David: Cynthia Curry’s Blog

Dianna: The book Laptops and Literacy

Jeff: Andy Torres’ blog

Scot: TLT Toys from American School Bombay

Sign Off

*Next show is Thursday Marth 12th at 7 PM Bangkok time.
*Kim Cofino and Amanda DeCardy will be our guests.
*Essential Question for the show: How to move students from being dependent to independent learners?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.

2 comments on Episode 22

  1. MichelleR says:

    I have recently found the blog the Talking Stick and this great podcast. I teach at a 1:1 laptop school and I found this topic fascinating. I tried to listen to the podcast, but it cuts off.

  2. Mark says:

    Very interesting podcast and a topic I have been thinking about for awhile. It is definitely a change in mindset not a change in skillset. We as teachers sometimes have this ingrained idea that we need to be in control and know everything. Here’s a great youtube video about it:

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