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Episode 77: Teaching the Modern Day Calendar

Just a quick episode this week challenging educators to teach the specific skill of calendaring in a digital world. Today’s calendars are so powerful yet as I talk to students I find that very few actually use them to strucutre their very busy lives. Let’s take some time to specifically teach this very important skill.


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iPhone Calendar Tips and Tricks:

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Episode 76: The Kindest School

This week I have a chat with Brian Tupper, educator and founder of The Kindest School. Brian and I met back in 2012 and since then he’s gone on to create an online learning platform and is now launching his Kindest School. I think you’ll enjoy hearing about his journey and the resources that he shares for teachers to use in their classroom.

The PTA Promotion Form, launching the campaign –  One Million Kind #1MK

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Episode 75: Counting Notifications

This week just a short rant on a fun thing I’m seeing on social media and that is teachers taking time to count notifications on students cell phones in class. My question is what are you doing with that data?

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Episode 74: The Global Knowledge Summit

Yawn….stretch…..great to be back after a 3 month break. Excited to start creating new episodes again and getting to talk to more teachers.

In December I was honored to be invited to the Global Knowledge Summit where I gave a talk the changes that I see need to be made in education systems in order to help prepare students for the new knowledge economy. The talk was recently released on YouTube which allows me to release it to you here. Enjoy!


YouTube Video of the talk

Knowledge Summit Website

Knowledge Summit YouTube Channel

Knowledge4all Index

Global Knowledge Index 2018

Global Knowledge Index – Executive Summary 2017

Global Knowledge Index 2017

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Episode 73: The Future Belongs To YouTube and Spreadsheets

Such a great time chatting with Patrick Green. I get the privilege to chat with him often. Today I hit the record button so you could hear our chat and thinking outload. A great conversation about Hacking School, YouTube, and Spreadsheets.


Patrick Green: @pgreensoup





Episode 72: The 4 Shift Protocol

I meet up with Scott McLeod in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia of all places and we talk about his new book: Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning, the 4 Shift Protocol and other educational technology topics.


The Book:

Scott McLeod: @mcleod


Julie Graber: @jgraber


Episode 71: Mrs. Udd’s Kinders

This week I sit down with Jessica Udd a Kindergarten teacher in the Auburn School District in Washington. Jessica teaches in a 1:1 classroom and takes us through how she’s building technology skills with her students.


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Episode 70: Managing the Change

This week I have a conversation with Danny Baur. An Author, Consultant, and Online Community Manager. His focus on school leadership lets us talk about managing change around technology.


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Episode 69: From BKK to Eduro

This week Chrissy, Kim and I take time out to reflect on how three teachers who happen to teach at the same time at an International School in Bangkok end up where we are today. A little background on us as a company and our journey.


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Episode 68: The Changing Univeristy

This week Lissa and I chat with John Nash, Associate Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky. We spend some time talking about the changes happening at the University level and dive deeper into our new partnership with our stackable certificates that can lead to a Master’s Degree or even PhD.


John Nash

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