Episode 88: Behind By Week Two with guest Tom Riddell

A great conversation with Tom Riddell a Middle School History Teacher who focuses on bringing current events into his classroom to help students make connections in history.

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Episode 87: A Year of Coaching Reflection

This week I have a conversation with Jen and Bob the two tech coaches at Enumclaw School District as they reflect on this year working with educators, the PD trainings that we ran what results did they see from the trainings in their schools. Tech Coaches… this one is for you!


Bob’s Instagram: beaver_Knievel

Jen’s Twitter: jenlongmire1

Jeff’s Paper: http://gg.gg/juconnectpaper

Jeff’s Webinar: http://gg.gg/jumicroweb

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Episode 86: I’m Not Standard

A great conversation with Allison a High School Science teacher who talks about her classroom, what’s important to her as a teacher and some fun projects she did with her students this year.

Also I personally had two projects released this last week. A peer-reviewed article I wrote was published as well as a Webinar Interview I did with Microsoft. You’ll hear more about those in this weeks podcast and links below to watch and read.


Mammals Suck Blog and Mammals March Madness Plans: http://mammalssuck.blogspot.com/

School in the Cloud: https://www.theschoolinthecloud.org/

Jeff’s Paper: http://gg.gg/juconnectpaper

Jeff’s Webinar: http://gg.gg/jumicroweb

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Episode 85: Music and Technology in Harmony

This week I have a conversation with Nicole a Middle School and High School Music teacher who talks about using technology in the music classroom.


Nicoles Blog: https://nicolelaborte.wordpress.com/

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Episode 84: 3D Animation in the Art Classroom

This week a great conversation with Dan, a Middle School Art Teacher, who teaches 3D Animation using the open-source program Blender with his 6-8 grade art students.


Dan’s Blog

Blender 3D Animation Software

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Episode 82: JB and the 3Rs of Teaching

This week I have a great conversation with JB Blair a Middle School English teacher who talks about his philosophy and creating learning experiences that adhere to the 3Rs. Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. You’re going to love hearing some of the ways he uses technology to bring relevance to his classroom.


JB’s Blog

Blog Post on Mission Statement

Vlog on persuasive texting assignment

Enumclaw Case Study

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Episode 81: A Conversation with Gunner Argo

This week I get to kick off my exit conversations with Enumclaw Educators with a conversation with Gunner Argo. Gunner is a High School English Teacher at Enumclaw HS how has been involved in a year-long blended-learning PD experience with me. You’re going to enjoy hearing from this thoughtful teacher about his classroom, his approach, and what he learned from his big project this year.


Gunner’s Blog

Enumclaw Case Study

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