Episode 89: Using Science to Explain the World with guest Rebekah Cheney

This week a conversation with Rebekah Cheney a secondary science teacher who using the real world as her platform to teaching science.


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Episode 86: I’m Not Standard

A great conversation with Allison a High School Science teacher who talks about her classroom, what’s important to her as a teacher and some fun projects she did with her students this year.

Also I personally had two projects released this last week. A peer-reviewed article I wrote was published as well as a Webinar Interview I did with Microsoft. You’ll hear more about those in this weeks podcast and links below to watch and read.


Mammals Suck Blog and Mammals March Madness Plans:

School in the Cloud:

Jeff’s Paper:

Jeff’s Webinar:

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Episode 83: The Science Learning Tracker

What a fantastic show talking science with Bobby and Julie from the Enumclaw School District. Two Middle School teachers who are using something called a “Learning Tracker” that they have created for their students to self-assess throughout the year. Julie was kind enough to share some templates and examples with me to share with you. So have a listen to the podcast and then go view some amazing examples of structuring learning in the science classroom.


Bobby’s Blog

Julie’s Blog

Blank Learning Tracker Template (So you can create your own)

Learning Tracker Template Master created for Force and Motion Unit (So you can see how Julie create’s it for students)

Learning Tracker Student Example: (View Only) Julie writes “I actually don’t grade them on their tracker because I want them to feel like they have the freedom and autonomy to record their learning however it works best for them.”

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Episode 67: A Highly Structured, Loosely Organized Science Lesson

This week I walk through a science lesson I did to start a unit on states of matter with 7th graders at a school I was working at a few years ago in Germany.


The outline goes something like this.

10 minutes to research a topic, where you get your information I don’t care just learn as much as you can about a topic in 10 minutes

3-5 minutes depending on the age of the students to share your new knowledge with others in your class.

10 minutes as a class to bring our new knowledge together to see where we want to go next in the form of what questions do we still have?

5 minutes looking for patterns within our questions to create big ideas or themes that we can dive into.

Each student decided what idea or theme they want to study, which one is most interesting to them and form groups around those interests to study and learn more about to report back to the whole class.


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