Episode 74: The Global Knowledge Summit

Yawn….stretch…..great to be back after a 3 month break. Excited to start creating new episodes again and getting to talk to more teachers.

In December I was honored to be invited to the Global Knowledge Summit where I gave a talk the changes that I see need to be made in education systems in order to help prepare students for the new knowledge economy. The talk was recently released on YouTube which allows me to release it to you here. Enjoy!


YouTube Video of the talk

Knowledge Summit Website

Knowledge Summit YouTube Channel

Knowledge4all Index

Global Knowledge Index 2018

Global Knowledge Index – Executive Summary 2017

Global Knowledge Index 2017

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Episode 73: The Future Belongs To YouTube and Spreadsheets

Such a great time chatting with Patrick Green. I get the privilege to chat with him often. Today I hit the record button so you could hear our chat and thinking outload. A great conversation about Hacking School, YouTube, and Spreadsheets.


Patrick Green: @pgreensoup





Episode 45: Just Get Started

This week I’m joined by Photo Joseph and Chrissy Hellyer as we talk about having students be creating in the classroom and how video and photos are a great way to engage the media first generation.

You can reach out to Joseph here:

Episode 38: So Your Students Want to be YouTubers

Listen to Jeff’s sessions form the #IETA18 conference titled: So Your Students Want to be YouTubers