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Episode 211: Lyndsey D’Arcangelo – A Journalist’s Journey

Episode 210: Three Baseball Based Reflection Protocols

Episode 209: Elena Aguilar and “The PD Book”

Episode 208: What Should You Do In 2022

Episode 207: John and Kyle Hattie: Learning Vs Achieving, 10 Steps to Develop Great Learners: Visible Learning for Parents

Episode 206: My Learning through Learning2

Episode 205: Understanding our Multiple Identities

Episode 204: Just Start Creating

Episode 203: Taking Time for Trust

Episode 202: Google Certified Coaching Cohort Panel Discussion 

Episode 201: Teaching Through Photography

Episode 200: Sustaining Your Coaching Practice

Episode 199: The Power of Stories to Heal

Episode 198: Focusing on Wellness

Episode 197: The Power of Pulse Checks

Episode 196: Immersive Learning: We can do better than Zoom

Episode 195: Digital Storytelling and a Whole Lot More

Episode 194: The power of protocols in PLCs

Episode 193: Creating a Technology Revolution, Hoquiam School District

Episode 192: Starting the year with sharpened tools

Episode 191: Exchanging Gratitude

Episode 190: Reflecting On A Semester

Episode 189: Assessment is how we learn to listen

Episode 188: SEL and PBL with Jorge Valenzuela

Episode 187: Talking PLCs with Steve Barkley

Episode 186: Talking World Languages and STEAM with Rachelle Dené Poth

Episode 185: Worldwise Learning Author Elizabeth Crawford

Episode 184: You Don’t Have to Be Brave

Episode 183: Unpacking Project-Based Learning

Episode 182: Assessment: Snapshots of the Learning Journey

Episode 181: Deep Listening: A Deep Dive

Episode 180: Creative Communication Creates Wonderment

Episode 179: Building it together

Episode 178: Key Conversations that are Crucial for Teams

Episode 177: Pushing the restart button

Episode 176: Sustaining the start…

Episode 175: The Art of the Start

Episode 174: Finding Your Metaphor For the Year

Episode 173: Meet Heather and Patrick!

Episode 172: Meet Jennifer Abrams

Episode 171: Meet Dr. Addy!

Episode 170: Meet Author Educator Alex S. Venet

Episode 169: The Digital Classroom

Episode 168: Making Learning Transparent

Episode 167: Momentum From Mistakes

Episode 166: Fishing for Questions

Episode 165: Your classroom mission statement

Episode 164: The unspoken rules of SEL

Episode 163: Making small shifts matters in big ways for SEL

Episode 162: Shifting into Summer

Episode 161: Shifting PD Praxis: Reimagining our Recipe

Episode 160: Shifting PD Praxis: Independent and Interdependent PD

Episode 159: Shifting PD Praxis: Protocols are the Structure to Thinking

Episode 158: Instructional Coaches and Coaching Coaches

Bounce Episode: Teacher Appreciation Week

Episode 157: The Power of Podcasts

Episode 156: It’s All About Community!

Episode 155: What will you make space for?

Episode 154: Learning from Teens Through a Pandemic

Episode 153: Crafting the Story of our Learning

Episode 152: Reframing Feedback

Episode 151: The Future of Assessment with Tyler Rablin

Episode 150: Building on Where We Are

Episode 149: If you Build it They Will Collaborate

Episode 148: Provocations to provoke learning and connection

Episode 147: Co-authoring Rubrics

episode 146: Niche Knowledge

Episode 145: GameTape

Episode 144: The Skill of Unlearning

Episode143: The Need to Teach Network Literacy

Episode 142: SEL and Language Learners During Distance Learning with Tan Huynh

Episode 141: Race, Privilege, and Creating Safe Spaces in the Digital Classroom with Christina Torres

Episode 140: The Future of Education

Episode 139: Expanding the Walls of Your District: How do you add value to your community? with Steve Murphy & JB Blair

Episode 138: Empowering Through Inquiry with Trevor MacKenzie

Episode 137: Strategies and Tools for Digging into Difficult Conversations with Teens with Georgina Gonzalez

Episode 136: Having Hard Conversations with Jennifer Abrams

Episode 135: Creating Global Citizens with Steve Murphy

Episode 134: Engaging Families in STEM with Deidre Holmberg

Episode 133: Feedback that Matters with Tyler Rablin

Episode 132: The Art of Connection with guest Dan James

Episode 131: Preparing Students for Their Future Not our Past

Episode 130: Moving for Attendance focused to being engagement focused

Episode 129: Meaningful Assessment: Grading for the Future

Episode 128: Project-Based Awesome: Imagine What Your Students Can Do

Episode 127: Learning With and Without Walls

Episode 126: Engaging Students in Learning through Choice and Voice

Episode 125: YouTube Live AMA Session with the ReImagine WA Ed Team

Episode 124: Design for Resilience Framework for the Future of Schools

Episode 123: Classroom Management in the Virtual Classroom

Episode 122: Tech Tool Bonanza

Episode 121: The Power of Ownership in Distance Learning

Episode 120: AESD Continual Learning Keynote

Episode 119: Assessing Distance Learning

Episode 118: Inequity Should Not Equal Inaction

Episode 117: Virtual School Happy Hour Week 1 – The Setup

Episode 116: Preparing for Virtual Learning

Episode 115: Virtual School Tips and Recommendations

Special Episode: Final Reflection from NCCE2020

Special Episode: Day 1 Reflection from NCCE2020

Episode 114: From Coach to Consultant with Guest Julie McDowell

Episode 113: Team Teaching in all its Glory with Guests Jessica Fife and Linda Stairet

Episode 112: Breaking Down Project-Based Learning with guest Pat Zuniga

Episode 111: Diving into Inquiry with guest Erin Dickey

Episode 110: Flipping Your Classroom with Guest Taylor Newman

Episode 109: Building Relationships with Students through Technology with Middle School Teacher Kaci Presnell

Episode 108: You can be a paperless classroom or a blended learning classroom but you can’t be both.

Episode 107: A reflection of District Ran PD with guests Tyler, Cassie, and Chris

Episode 106: Building a School Culture Starts with Leadership. With Guest Angel Mensing

Episode 105: Bring on 2020!

Episode 104: Mr. Gibbs when are you going to start teaching again? With guest Collin Gibbs

Episode 103: 1 Tech Coach and a Whole Lot of Teachers! With Guest David Stiner

Episode 102: Classroom Management in the Digital Age with Heather Dowd and Patrick Green

Episode 101: When PBL is Just What You Do with Guest Kenzie Munn

Episode 100: Finding Your Sparks with guest Tisha Richmond

Episode 99: Giving Students Space to FAIL ( First Attempt In Learning) with guest Adam Pollock

Episode 98: A Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens

Episode 97: Whack-A-Mole is not a classroom management strategy that works

Episode 96: Grade 3 – The Step-Child to the Future with Ashley Sawyer

Episode 95: How do I know if students are engaged in the learning process?

Episode 94: Learning happens in the process of creating not the product created

Episode 93: Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Students in a 1:1 Classroom

Episode 92: Bringing the Connectivism Learning Theory into the 1:1 Classroom

Episode 91: Becoming Relevant Again: Applying Connectivism Learning Theory to Today’s Classroom.

Episode 90: Teach like Coach or Coach like a Teacher an interview with HS Social Studies Teacher Steve Murphy

Episode 89: Using Science to Explain the World with guest Rebekah Cheney

Episode 88: Behind By Week Two with guest Tom Riddell

Episode 87: A Year of Coaching Reflection

Episode 86: I’m Not Standard

Episode 85: Music and Technology in Harmony

Episode 84: 3D Animation in the Art Classroom

Episode 83: The Science Learning Tracker

Episode 82: JB and the 3Rs of Teaching

Episode 81: A Conversation with Gunner Argo

Episode 80: The Questions I Get Asked

Episode 79: Moses Lake and the YouTube Tech Coach Challenge

Episode 78: Avenues: The World School

Episode 77: Teaching the Modern Day Calendar

Episode 76: The Kindest School

Episode 75: Counting Notifications

Episode 74: The Global Knowledge Summit

Episode 73: The Future Belongs To YouTube and Spreadsheets

Episode 72: The 4 Shift Protocol

Episode 71: Mrs. Udd’s Kinders

Episode 70: Managing the Change

Episode 69: From BKK to Eduro

Episode 68: The Changing Univeristy

Episode 67: A Highly Structured, Loosely Organized Science Lesson

Episode 66: COETAIL + UK = A Hot Ball of Mess

Episode 65: 5 Must have iPad apps for Lower and Upper Elementary

Episode 64: August 2018 Keynote

Episode 63: Kids These Days

Episode 62: Educating the 1:1 Pre-Service Teacher

Episode 61: LMS Tips and Tricks for Starting the New Year off right!

Episode 60: 5 Must Have Apps for the 1:1 Classroom

Episode 59: High Structured, Loosely Organized Classroom Strategies

Episode 58: Managing Distractions in the 1 to 1 Classroom

Bounce Episode: Flipgrid Past, Present, Future

Episode 57: Rethinking PD for Teachers

Episode 56: Gamification of Learning

Episode 55: Cell Phone Use in the Classroom

Episode 54: Being a Middle Schooler in a 1:1 Program

Bounce Episode: Reflection on Apple WWDC18 Keynote

Episode 53: The Teenage Brain and Its Future

Episode 52: When Parents Push Back On A 1:1 Program

Episode 51: A COETAIL Reflection from Ghana

Episode 50: PBL in the High School English Classroom

Bounce Episode: Reflection on the Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Episode 49: Rolling Out In Nampa

Episode 48: The Future Is Now

Episode 47: Are We Killing Wonderment?

Episode 46: Teaching A Media First Generation

Episode 45: Just Get Started

Episode 44: Do Stuff With A Purpose

Episode 43: It’s All About The Badges

Episode 42: Highly Structured, Loosely Organized

Episode 41: Project Based Awesomeness

Episode 40: 7 Ways to be a Lifelong Learner

Episode 39: The Laptop Learning Curve

Episode 38: So Your Students Want to be YouTubers

Episode 37: Education is a Journey

Episode 36: Social Media Today and Music What?

Episode 35: Musical.ly and Social Media and Kids

Episode 34: A Global View of Social Media

Episode 33: Administrative Walk-Throughs in a Tech-Rich Classroom

Episode 32: 3 Tips for your 1:1 Program

Episode 31: I’m Back!!!

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To see how life functions, whether human or natural life, in other places is really humbling.

It’s easy to have your status quo at home, but as soon as you’re in a new place – all bets are off. You can do anything, and are so willing to try new stuff to push your own boundaries purely because you’re in a new place.”

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