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Shifting Educators
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Episode 121: The Power of Ownership in Distance Learning

Jeff Utecht April 29, 2020

A stream of consciousness about the power of giving students and parents choice or ownership over what is learned. This is the reason we are seeing ChoiceBoards being popular during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Links:  A Framework for Understanding Poverty – A Cognitive Approach – https://www.amazon.com/Framework-Understanding-Poverty-Cognitive-Approach/dp/1948244187

Shifting Schools
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Episode 115: Virtual School Tips and Recommendations

Jeff Utecht March 11, 2020

This week I share tips and recommendations for going virtual school as my state, Washington, along with many of my international friends find themselves gearing up for are already in virtual school situations. You can find the full transcript of this episode on my blog at: http://www.thethinkingstick.com/virtual-school-tips-and-recommendations/ Photo: blaircook