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Episode 14

Jeff Utecht October 7, 2008 41 1

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Note: Technical difficulties prevented the recording and subsequent posting of this podcast. We will get it right next podcast with quadruple flux capacitator backup procedures. 🙂


Kim Cofino and Julie Lindsay joined David and Jeff for this start of the second season of Shifting Our Schools podcast.

Essential Question

What Were the Big Picture and Practical Classroom “take aways” from the Learning 2.008 Conference?
Some take aways from the discussion>

  • The need to prepare teachers for progressive conferences like Learning 2.008. Scaffold the process so they will take time for the networking, unconferencing and reflection portions of conferences like Learning 2.008.
  • Look to have regular presentation sessions that lead out into and scaffold into unconference sessions
  • Look to shift our regular presentations in the way we organize the rooms and work to make them more discussion focused
  • Need to differentiate for the “shiftedness” continuum of the participants
  • Jan 24-26 Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar

Blog Posts of the Week

David> GenTech podcast by Steve Whitaker, Mark Hofer and Michael Kelly
Jeff> Video by Chris Lehmann   |   Connectivism Blog by George Siemens
Kim> Slideshow of Brain Rules for Presenters
Julie> The Educational Technology Site by Terry Friedman

Sign Off

  • Next show is Thursday October 23 at 7 PM Bangkok time.
  • Our guest will be Clay Burell.
  • Essential Question for the show: Where do you start the shift?
  • Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.
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  1. Paul McMahon on October 9, 2008

    Hey guys,

    Don’t know how I managed to miss this as I usually have it in my Google calendar. Your next will definitely be posted.
    I have to say that I took a lot from what David Jakes said a few times at the conference about systemic change. All of you on this podcast work for schools which support the sort of change that Learning 2.008 was speaking of.
    In the schools that I have contact with, there are still too many “pockets of change” with the majority of staff getting on with traditional teaching in traditional classrooms and getting a lot of positive feedback from kids, parents, even administration of the school for doing so.
    Until we can have things like Participation in Global Collaborative projects, production and sharing of podcasts, etc written into curricula and made a part of the assessment, we are still really just fiddling about with the edges.

    My 2C worth.

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