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So much love for this podcast!
I listen to many educational podcasts and this one is at the top of my list. Anyone involved in education should be listening regularly. ~jsaff71, 04/08/2019

Spot on!
As a newly hired TOSA Tech Integrationist at a 5/6 intermediate school in MN, SOS is just what I’ve needed. The affirmation these podcasts provide and support of your discussions and thoughts is spot on. The topics are thought provoking and inspiring!~ IJentechteacher, 10/24/2018

Great educational podcast
I’m picky with my podcasts and this one has proven to be worth my time. Jeff and the crew are a part of the international scene with boots also on USA soil. The content is very relevant no matter where you are in the world. I’ve been very curious about the continuing Ed programs that jeff has been a part of (COETAIL) and this podcast has prompted me to get started with one. Keep it up man! ~jjkern85, 02/12/2019

Enjoyable Podcast for Educators

Shifting our schools indeed. Jeff Utecht does a great job educating teachers with practical tips and tricks in our classrooms of the digital age. Teachers experienced or not with integrating technology can count on many valuable take aways here. ~ Jjaggfl,

As a 1st year Principal in a rural school district who is behind in technology this podcast is perfect. As I am working towards shifting our school and implementing technology into the classrooms. Jeff continues to have great speaker come on and share their wisdom and give ideas on the best ways to shift schools! Thanks Jeff! ~@JenningsCru4, 11/07/2018

Love This Podcast

I started listening to this podcast a few months ago. As a Technology Integration Coach, I work with teachers and students K-12. The SOS podcast helps keep me informed with new ways to integrate technology and understand the why behind it. It sparks great conversations about pedagogy and integration ideas I can share with the teachers I work with. Jeff has such an enthusiastic passion for learning and shares that energy with his listeners. He gives listeners lots of new tools to try, but reminds us how to use them purposefully to enhance learning. ~Zombabutt,

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Since 2008 I have been supporting schools around the world shift their culture to help prepare students for their future not our past. This podcast grew out of a love of having conversations with educators and school leaders who are truly shifitng their practices and their schools by meeting today’s learners where they are and engaging them in new and innovative ways in the classroom.