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Episode 93: Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Students in a 1:1 Classroom

Here you go! My top Chrome Extensions for Students to start the new school...


Episode 92: Bringing the Connectivism Learning Theory into the 1:1 Classroom

As we continue on our August theme of 1:1 Summer of Fun I break...


Episode 90: Teach like Coach or Coach like a Teacher an interview with HS Social Studies Teacher Steve Murphy

A fantastic way to end our conversation with Enumclaw Educators taking to Steve Murphy...


Episode 89: Using Science to Explain the World with guest Rebekah Cheney

This week a conversation with Rebekah Cheney a secondary science teacher who using the...


Episode 88: Behind By Week Two with guest Tom Riddell

A great conversation with Tom Riddell a Middle School History Teacher who focuses on...