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Episode 20

Jeff Utecht January 29, 2009

Chris Lehman of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia joined David and Jeff for a conversation.


Episode 19

Jeff Utecht January 15, 2009

Greg Moncada, HS Principal at the American International School Vienna, joined Jeff and David for the show.


Episode 15

Jeff Utecht October 24, 2008

We had technical problems again and were not able to record the podcast. It was excellent so do take a look at the show notes for some of the discussion. Introductions Amanda DeCardy and Tom Barrett joined Jeff and David for the show. Essential Question Where Do You Start the […]


Episode 14

Jeff Utecht October 7, 2008

Note: Technical difficulties prevented the recording and subsequent posting of this podcast. We will get it right next podcast with quadruple flux capacitator backup procedures. 🙂 Introductions Kim Cofino and Julie Lindsay joined David and Jeff for this start of the second season of Shifting Our Schools podcast. Essential Question […]


Episode 13

Jeff Utecht June 12, 2008

Rick Pierce of Rising Sun Consultants and Andy Torris from Shanghai American School joined David and Jeff for tonight’s show.