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Episode 19

Jeff Utecht January 15, 2009 52 2

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Greg Moncada, HS Principal at the American International School Vienna, joined Jeff and David for the show.

Essential Question

How to recruit shifted teachers?

Blog Posts of the Week

David: David Warlick interviews Chris Lehman for his Connect Learning podcast. David asks Chris what he looks for in new hires in episode 92 & 98 in iTunes. Or go directly to the pages for 92 & 98 in David’s Site. Also, take a look at the tech-oriented questions Jeff and Andy came up with for recruiters to use especially if their schools have 1:1 laptop programs.

Jeff: Michael Wesch writes about the next transformation in education. Kaplan University has a very engaging video sharing their approach to how they work to meet the needs of students.

Greg: Shared a video about students making connections in their learning. The link will soon be posted here.

Note: Those listeners looking to learn more about how to recruit internationally might find David’s article in Edutopia helpful to get you started.

Sign Off

*Next show is Thursday January 29th at 7 PM Bangkok time.
*Chris Lehman and Brent Loken will be our guests.
*Essential Question for the show: Once shifted, where do we go next?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.

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  1. Celeste on January 30, 2009

    I’ve heard from several administrators that it’s currently a “teachers’ market” – that is, there are more jobs than there are teachers recruiting for international schools. You touch on this a bit in your podcast.

    Do you feel that this, in fact, is the case?

    If so, how does this fact affect current hiring practices?

    I’m thinking that maybe because there are fewer teachers out there, administrators are being pushed to hire sooner and therefore using technology to do this.
    A few years back when it was an “administrators’ market” there were so many qualified teachers out there, there was no real need to push to hire early.

    Any opinions on this, David, Jeff or Greg?

  2. davidcarp on February 2, 2009

    Hi Celeste,

    I think that you are spot on with your conclusion. In contacts with my friends at international schools in Asia, they report definite responses from schools they contacted back in November and December. I also can say from recruiting this year that several of the schools we contacted did respond and started a conversation. And as I mentioned on the podcast, some schools clearly were in the old mindset of waiting until January to even post their vacancies let alone start corresponding and possibly video conferencing with potential hires. I think that recruiting fairs especially in the USA are going to have fewer and fewer schools represented as video conferencing becomes the more accepted mechanism for hiring.

    I think Jeff and Greg’s comments that a few schools are reaching out and going after teacher leaders with exceptional skills says a lot about forward thinking and proactive school leaders.

    So while it may be more of a teacher’s market, I think it really holds true if you have international experience and you excel in your skill set.

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